Kelly Lycan fired after 18 years with WMU

A letter addressed to Kelly Lycan, former Western Michigan women's track and field and cross country coach revealed "inappropriate comments that lacked sensitivity," were the cause for his termination on Thursday.

"Upon further review of this specific situation and the overall health of your program, I have determined that an unhealthy culture exists and that your continued presence with the team would create a volatile environment," Athletic Director Kathy Beauregard said in the letter, obtained by Wes

While Lycan was placed on paid administrative leave on Feb. 22, the day before WMU competed in the 2019 MAC Indoor Championships and is no longer working or traveling with WMU, his termination does not go into effect until March 10. The 10 day buffer is required by his contract.

University spokesperson Paula Davis declined to comment on an accusation from a source close to the program told the Western Herald, claiming "Lycan asked athletes not to use the N-word while using the N-word.” While Beauregard has not responded for comment regarding the accusation, the letter obtained in a Freedom of Information Act request on Friday says his comments violated his contract.

"The University has determined that your conduct constitutes a violation of both clauses of your employment," Beauregard said. "Your contract may be terminated in the event your serious misconduct causes substantial embarrassment to the University."

The letter states Lycan will receive his current salary until March 31. As of June 1, 2018, Lycan received a base salary of $65,779.

Lycan has not responded to the Western Herald's repeated requests for comment.

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Andile Phelukwayo

No one has rights to say negative things about women. That is such a thing which cannot be tolerated and endured in our culture. Learn more about essays on source. Kelly Lycan has said inappropriate comments and that’s why terminating decision was good.

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