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Western Michigan finished the academic year as the runner-up for the Reese Trophy for the best men’s athletic program in the Mid-American Conference. The Broncos did not have as much success on the women’s side, finishing No. 12 in the Jacoby Trophy standings.

The Reese and Jacoby Trophies are both given to the athletic department with the highest average finish in conference standings across all men’s or women’s sports that the school competes in. Points are awarded for different finishing positions, and the total is divided by the total sports of the gender that the school competes in.

The Broncos earned a high place in the competition for the Reese Trophy by finishing tied for third in baseball, ninth in men’s basketball, tied for second in the MAC West (tied for fourth overall) in football, second in men’s soccer, and first in men’s tennis.

WMU was much less successful on the women’s side, where women’s basketball finished No. 10, the Brown and Gold came in third in gymnastics, third in the MAC West (fifth overall) in women’s soccer, No. 11 in softball, tied for fourth in women’s tennis, and second in volleyball. Team standings are not kept for golf and track and field, but WMU finished tied for eighth at the MAC golf championship and No. 12 at the track and field championship meet.

Miami won Reese Trophy No. 25 in its history, winning the men’s track and field and swim and dive championships to help achieve the top spot overall. Kent State won the Jacoby Trophy, now having 10 Jacoby trophies for its trophy room, winning the MAC Championship in women’s track and field and golf to help earn the honor.

The Reese Trophy is named for David E. Reese, the inaugural MAC Commissioner who served from 1946-’64. The Jacoby Trophy is named for Fred Jacoby, MAC Commissioner from 1971-’82. Jacoby is credited with adding women’s competition to the conference.

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