WMU football v Michigan Eleby

Bronco quarterback Kaleb Eleby (5) will need to have a big performance for WMU to beat Pitt Saturday

Western Michigan football dropped the season opener at Michigan 47-14. Not much went right in the game for the Broncos, who seemed dominated throughout the game. These are the key takeaways from the loss. 


The defense still needs work, especially getting off the field on third down. In the first quarter, there were multiple chances that the Broncos could have stopped Michigan, but kept giving up chunk yards. 

The chunk yards too were one of the worst parts of the WMU defense. With three touchdowns at or just below 70 yards it seemed like the Broncos could not stop much on the day. The stat book backed up that feeling as WMU gave up 547 yards on the day. 


On the offensive side of the ball it was apparent that the Broncos still need to find their identity. The rushing attack had glimpses of working today with 126 yards. The unit as a whole looked lost with Eleby running for his life on most plays and receivers missing passes and dropping balls. The team is looking to fill a hole left by Dee Eskrdige especially and will need to really find someone to step up with number one receiver Skyy Moore going down with an injury. 


This team will need to have a big week next week against Illinois State in order to bounce back and prove they belong in the cream of the crop of the MAC. This game may have been against a Big Ten opponent, but that is no excuse to score two touchdowns all game. A tough outing for the Broncos means they have a lot of work left to win more games this year. 

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Hmmm...expected more from all units, specifically offense, albeit 2 first rounders on Michigan d. Poor punting and atrocious place kicking, dena vu all over again, at least Broncos didn't display poor sportsmanship or any secret plays

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