Rafael Cruz, Jr.

WMU guard Rafael Cruz, Jr. 

Another tough shooting night  

 The Broncos weren’t very effective shooting in the first half. However, in their benefit it did not show up on the score board as they trailed just 36-30 going into the break. For the game, the Broncos shot 33% from the field and just 23% (8-35) from threeTuesday’s game was odd for the Broncos in the sense that they found a way to stay in it all night long due to only committing five turnovers and grabbing 15 offensive rebounds. But as head coach Steve Hawkins said after the game, the team is just going through a major shooting slump right now and that has been consistent during this four-game losing streak.  

Grizzlies shut down Flowers  

When Michael Flowers plays well, the Broncos are a different team.  On Tuesday night, the star guard just could not get it going. He went 3-for-11 from the field and 1-for-7 from three. Hdid have four rebounds and four assists and came up with a couple of big second half buckets to keep the Broncos in it, including a driving left-handed layup and a three from the left wing. But overall, like many on the roster right now, struggled with his shot. If the Broncos wish to get out of this losing slump, they need to get their most effective scorer back on track. Flowers also seemed determined to do that, as both he and forward Brandon Johnson were right back out on the floor after the game getting extra shots up after the loss.  

Could never get over the hump  

During the first half, the Broncos looked a tad flat with Flowers and B. Artis White temporarily on the bench together. The Broncos did go on an 11-0 run when Flowers and White subbed in the game around the eight-minute mark in the first half. However, it was not enough as the Broncos trailed most of this game. The Grizzles spent this game ahead for 35:51 while the Broncos only held the advantage for 2:45.  

Hill-Mais dominance  

The Broncos could not find an answer for forward Xavier Hill-Maiswho was a rebound away from a double- double. Hill-Mais converted on his first 11 shot attempts and finished 11-of-13 from the field overall. He scored 26 points and was a catalyst for the Grizzles while also contributing four assists.     

Broncos try to go on late run  

The Broncos attempted to close the gap within the last 10 minutes and look for life. After a Jason Whitens three with 45.7 seconds left, the Broncos seemed like they could make a run. They changed possession only to have OU’s Kevin Kangu shoot from the line where he missed a free throw and knocked down another. The free-throw left the score at 66-60, but after a missed bucket by Brandon Johnson and a foul on the other end, the game looked pretty much out of reach.  

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