Valentine's Day

Brace yourself for cheesy cartoon hearts and a strictly pink and red candy aisle in your local convenience store. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is here again. With limited time to plan, you may be asking yourself what you should do, especially on a student’s budget, where anything more than a few servings of ramen could cause a financial strain. This year, you can save your ramen money. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with friends or a significant other, there are ways to celebrate that won’t leave your bank account heartbroken.


By this time of year, couples have taken over campus. They stare lovingly into each other’s eyes at the dining hall. They walk hand-in-hand to the library. They sit a little too close to each other in class. If you’re single, you often can’t help but notice those happy couples. And with Valentine's Day coming up, it may seem like they’re trying to rub your lackluster dating life in your face. Well, if that’s the case, the joke’s on them because being single on Valentine's Day during college can actually be a lot of fun.


You could see if your university is offering any movie ticket deals. Yes, this might be the most stereotypical date idea, especially for Valentine’s Day, but it’s tried and true for a reason. Chances are, there’s at least one student organization hosting an event on Valentine’s Day, so use it as an excuse to check out what different clubs are doing. There will be a lot of events on campus this week. Black Student Union is hosting “Black Love Week” featuring a fashion show, yoga and healthy eating, a movie night, and Project Big Sister’s Date Night Auction. These events are welcome to everyone on campus.

Valentine's Day is equally considered the best and worst day of the year for college students. For some, Valentine's Day is all about spending that day with their significant other. It's about smothering them in boxes of chocolates, gifts and flowers. Really, it’s about purposefully setting the entire day aside just to make that special someone happy. If you’re single around this time of the year, everyone loves to feel appreciated, so don’t be afraid to show your friends or family a little extra love, especially on Valentine’s Day! This can be as simple as calling them to tell them you appreciate them, or even making (or buying) your own valentines!

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