A variety of musical productions coming to Dalton Center

As educators, we believe there is tremendous value in encountering, analyzing and endeavoring to understand each other's perspectives. A bedrock university value is engaging in an exchange of ideas, cultural and lived experiences. This is how we learn and how we enhance, expand and sometimes even shift our own worldview. It is our intent that we assist our students in developing skills to critically analyze information and experiences so that they become independent thinkers.

These are the goals of the Bullock Series in the School of Music. Guest artists like Dr. John Wesley Wright and performances like Spirituals: from Ship to Shore are selected through a rigorous process with broad involvement.The process includes prioritization from department chairs, a student review committee, and approval of the dean. The goal of these efforts is to provide diverse experiences across all forms of music that represent the interests of the school as a whole.

This process demonstrates the care the School of Music takes in offering opportunities that challenge students to think deeply about ideas. We thrive on creating an environment that invites students to embrace intellectual inquiry. This is a transformative experience that can sometimes be uncomfortable. When something in the learning process does not sit well, seems inscrutable or wrong, that should be explored and thoughtfully discussed. All of us are diminished when we don't follow this approach. 

To this end, we are eager to meet with a student who expressed concerns about Spirituals: from Ship to Shore. It is our hope to have a thoughtful, in-person discussion. We look forward to the chance to connect in conversation and build understanding.

We are stronger as individuals and as a campus community when we take the time to engage in thoughtful discourse aimed at advancing understanding versus creating divisiveness. We look forward to our discussion this week. We will actively listen, learn and hopefully share thoughts that may build a productive dialogue leading to understanding and positive impact. 

Dan Guyette

Dean, College of Fine Arts

Candy McCorkle, Ph.D.

VP for Diversity and Inclusion 

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