The water in Kalamazoo hasn’t been great at times. According to WXYZ News, last year, officials were warning residents to stop using their water due to high amounts of this chemical called perfluoroalkyl polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS). PFAS is a combination of man-made chemicals that includes other chemicals called PFOA, PFOS, GenX, etc. PFAS can be found in food, commercial household products, workplace, drinking water, and living organisms. The water in Kalamazoo isn’t as bad as other cities in Michigan, but if the officials say to avoid drinking it then that is a problem. It doesn’t matter if residents had filters, it still doesn’t treat PFAS.

Having water issues altogether is not a good look because obviously water is an important factor in everybody’s lives. Water is used to bathe with, used to make lots of foods, etc. but one good thing about the water issue is that it could still be used to bathe in just not to drink or even give to your pets. Since this particular water issue has been going on, it has resulted in residents having to go buy bottles of water until the water is safe to drink. Some people have different preferences. Some prefer to use tap water, which was contaminated at the time, and some people prefer to use bottled water. People who only use tap water were quite angry.

Students have been receiving emails from WMU stating that the water in my apartment complex was contaminated and not to drink it. Turning on the water in Kalamazoo, sometimes you’ll get an icky brown color, which can cause people to feel unsure and scared. One considerate thing about the City of Kalamazoo and City of Parchment is when the water was contaminated with PFAS last year, there were bottles of water provided at Parchment High School, Cooper Township Fire Station, and United Methodist Church according to WXYZ News. That was a very thoughtful idea because who knows how long this issue would have went on. Not everyone  has the finances to continuously buy water. If this was a long term issue and some people go through bottles very fast, causing people to keep buying water over and over.

I know it isn’t the City of Kalamazoo’s fault, but I hate when those issues come up because some residents have to keep working around this problem. What if another water issue comes about and we aren’t able to use the water to bathe? That will be quite stressful.

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