Will impeachment inquiry pay off for Pelosi and Democrats?

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi made the decision to make a formal impeachment inquiry on Monday Sept. 23 after House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer was called about the final decision that afternoon.

After months of criticism by both the democratic and republican parties, Pelosi wanted to stay in the shadows while Trump stirred in his own mess.

Since Trump took office in 2017, Democrats in Congress have been calling for the President's impeachment. Why did it take so long for Pelosi to finally pull the trigger?

The precedent set by with the 1998 Clinton impeachment

When former President Bill Clinton was being held against an impeachment threat, he was never removed from office. His popularity rose after the impeachment scandal and during the next election, Clinton won the electoral vote.

At the core of this impeachment inquiry is the Trump and Ukraine call; The misstep that Pelosi and house Democrats could no longer ignore.

In violating the constructs of the constitution, Trump made a call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky where Trump asked Zelensky to investigate the former Vice President of the U.S. Joe Biden. Being that Biden could be Trump’s opponent in the 2020 presidential election, Trump wanted to investigate Biden’s relationship with a private Ukrainian natural gas company called Burisma Holdings. Biden’s son Hunter Biden was apart of the board of the Ukrainian company at the time, which concerned others about a conflict of interest for Biden.

This pertains to the Ukraine’s top prosecutor Vicktor Shokin, who Biden and other Europeon allies, thought was a corrupt prosecutor. If Shokin was not removed as a corruptible prosecutor, Biden threatened to keep a $1 billion loan from the Ukraine government if Shokin did not admit to being corrupt and resign.

This maneuver as stated by Biden was not unusual nor illegal as Trump claims it to be. In fact, during the year of 2015, Eupropeon allies supported the withholding of the loan to the Ukraine. In 2016, there was no collusion of criminal activity, which was brought by information on Bursima’s owner of the company. April of this year, Hunter Biden’s term expired with the board of Bursima, where he stepped down from involvement with the company. This formal impeachment inquiry of Trump was announced because of Trump’s “quid pro quo” during the call with Zelensky.

Quid pro quo translates to “something for something” in Latin. This is referred to as the context of the call where Trump asked Zelensky to investigate Biden as a favor and Trump would do a favor for Zelensky in return. This is where Trump made a mistake. Here, Trump thinks he is above the law, where Pelosi drew the line. At this point, Trump was confident in the fact that him asking for help in return for a favor by Ukraine was legal and appropriate. Now, there is the Whistleblower complaint.

The complaint that started the investigation of Trump was made by an anonymous person who knew about the Ukraine call with Zelensky. This Whistleblower was brought to attention due to the violation of the law, rule, or regulation; gross mismanagement; a gross waste of funds; an abuse of authority; or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety. This information was found through the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The whistleblower could be someone that is in Trump’s party, this information is always kept private, even the actual evidence of the complaint is kept confidential. Trump, as of his recent tweets on Twitter, wants his “accuser” to be brought out and “learn everything about the Whistleblower.”

The rest of the nation is sitting patiently waiting to see where this impeachment inquiry take us. As a millennial in this generation, seeing this unfold is both confusing and unnerving. This generation has not seen an impeachment happen before. There is no telling what could happen to President Trump and his party. There is a long road ahead to get to the bottom of yet another scandal within the Trump administration.

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