College is very expensive. It has been this way for years and there are a lot of changes that could be made. One thing I’ve noticed while being in college is that most students are accumulating a lot of debt because there are a lot of things to pay for.  Most students at Western have financial aid to pay for classes, housing, and books, and others don’t.


I believe Western should make it easier on their students and make more things free for us. I believe that food in the cafeteria at the Bernhard Center/Henry Hall should be free for all students. I understand that some students are working there to make money, but I don’t think it would be unrealistic to provide free food. We should have more free options for food.


Limiting the cost on things can help a lot of students financially. Some students end up dropping out of college because they can’t afford it anymore. The cost of books are ridiculously high, but some students order their books online, which is smarter but can still take a toll on finances. Also, Western students are required to pay for parking in order to have their car on campus. For a full academic year, an on campus resident has to pay $300 for parking.


It’s hard for students who are in school trying to obtain and education so they can land a job after graduating because in the process of doing that, there’s so many expenses that have to be paid. In the mid to late 1900s, college tuition was significantly cheaper than today’s tuition. Not every student comes from a fortunate family and some students at Western are international students who are thousands of miles away from their families. If something goes wrong with a student’s finances, who knows if their family will be able to help them all the time due to the distance and abruptness, depending on the situation.


A lot of students are trying to get accustomed to living in the Kalamazoo because it can be a totally different environment, depending on where you’re from. Colleges should be more considerate of students’ needs because some don’t even qualify for financial aid. This makes it harder for them. It can make it harder on a lot of students. It’s so many factors that goes into obtaining a higher education and it should be considered.

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