Bronconess Wine

Bronconess wine.

Both participants are over the age of 21. 

My roommate and I tried two different wines from Bronconess, one white and one red. Both wines will be judged based on their taste, smell and color. They will be rated on a scale out of ten. An additional point was added to each grade since 100% of Bronconess’ profits go towards scholarships. 

For some background, Bronconess was created by Derrick McIver and Doug Lepisto, associate professors of management at Western Michigan University. Tremonte, a vineyard, wanted to sell into the U.S., but didn’t know how to.

McIver and Lepisto believed this could be an opportunity for WMU students in the new Leadership and Business Strategy program to learn business by actually doing it. The students then spent the semester researching how to introduce a new wine brand into the Southwest Michigan market, which would later become Bronconess.

Bronconess White Blend

Based on the smell of the wine alone, we could tell it was a very dry wine. Bronconess’ website states the wine has “aromas of lemon, lime and melon with flavors that jump right out of the glass.” Sadly there wasn’t really any scent to it, other than a small whiff of melon. 

The light-bodied blend blend contains an average 12.5% alcohol count. Meaning it will get the job done and will not stain anything from the spillage, since it is light in color.

We thought the taste would be better, but it was so dry we could not enjoy it by itself. This was obviously a wine that was for adults to pair with food, not for college students to just drink by itself. It was bitter, skunky and tasted similar to a lemon peel. Maybe it will taste better when paired with chicken or fish. 

We rate this wine a 5/10. An additional point was added as 100% Bronconess profits goes to scholarships.

Broncos Red Blend

This wine had the scent of grape juice when it was first poured. The smell of the wine was filled with berry tones. It was almost too sweet, but that is never a bad thing for those who enjoy a sweeter wine. 

The full-bodied wine was surprisingly 14% alcohol. It will really get the job done, but the redness of it will sadly be hard to remove if spilled. The wine is a dark red that could barely be seen through in the glass, meaning it was going to be a more “serious wine.”

The smell and the color overhyped the taste. We wish we could give you an accurate description of what it tasted like, but there was nothing to provide. The website stated it was “a balanced acidity that makes it easy to drink,” which we can agree with. The wine tasted almost like nothing, making it easier to consume. Possibly, it may taste better when paired with some pasta or meats.

We rate this wine a 7/10. An additional point was added as 100% of Bronconess' profits goes to scholarships.

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