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Last week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced via a tweet, that a ban on all political advertising will be finalized on Nov. 22. This ban will be put in effect worldwide to all ads revolving around elections, which includes other political matters.

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As I ripped open the package that contained my Halloween costume, I was excited. Yes, I did wait till the day of the party and got a cheap costume for $14, but it was either that or buy a shirt with a pumpkin on it. As I was putting glitter and red lipstick on, I wondered what the costume si…

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Netflix recently released an eight-episode limited series last month. The series is about the assault and rape of 18-year-old Marie Alder in Lynnwood, Washington. Marie was sleeping in her apartment when a mask-covered man broke in, tied her down with her shoe laces, and raped  her. He then …

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On Sept. 26, Korey Wise, the oldest of the Central Park Five, came to the Bernhard Center on campus to talk about his experience of that brutal night in 1989. Wise was tried and sentenced as an adult out of the rest of the four boys. He was sentenced to 5 to 15 years, but ended up serving 12…