The WMU Bronco Statue

The Center for Green Schools has named Western Michigan University the 2014 Best Higher Education Institution for sustainability.

“Over the past two decades, the school community has collectively served as a leader in sustainability through energy conservation and renewable energy implementation efforts, recycling and waste reduction programs. WMU also facilitates cooperative research into green manufacturing practices,” said the Center for Green Schools in their report.

 Andrea Ayotte, a graduate assistant for the Office for Sustainability and contributor of the WMU Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating Systems (STARS) Report said, “We have a lot of sustainability initiatives…the Office for Sustainability is basically our living laboratory. It helps foster growth.”

 WMU has many sustainability initiatives and programs that demonstrates commitment to sustainable growth. WMU’s initiatives and programs include Bronco Bikes, the Student Sustainability Grant, Students for Sustainable Earth, Waste Recycling Studies, the Student Farm, the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, the Wesustain Internship Program, green job opportunities, the Gibbs House, the Gibbs House Fellowship Program, and volunteer opportunities.

Ayotte added, “At WMU, we rank sustainability not only in the eco-friendliness, but we also have environmental, social, and economic sustainability as well. Sustainability touches everything.”

With 20 different buildings that are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified, WMU continues to create a sustainable community by exploring all aspects of sustainability and develop new opportunities to improve its campus.

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