Snowbelt natives share their winter driving tips

Winter weather is looking to pose an obstacle for those going home for Thanksgiving.

Winter is coming. 

Local weather stations are expecting a storm to hit Tuesday and Wednesday affecting holiday travel plans. As roads become slick and the temperatures drop, students used to the snow offer some advice to those who have never experienced a Michigan winter. 

“Winter is not normal here,” said Freshman Bryce Perez from Kalamazoo, “It will pop out of the blue. No one is ever prepared for the snow.” 

Freshman Emma Olson, from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, said to drive at a speed you are comfortable with when traveling in the snow. 

“It is okay to drive below the speed limit in the winter,” Olsen said, “It is better to drive safely than efficiently.” 

Olsen also said to not break while taking a turn, that your car may spin out. 

Sophomore Abigail Cowan, from Van Buran, Mich offered similar advice about driving in the winter. 

“Know your life is more important than attendance,” Cowan said, “It’s good to email your teacher about the weather.” 

She said to also leave 15 minutes earlier than you usually would to give yourself extra time to get to your destination. 

Cowan added that it is good to spend money on cold weather gear. Other students said similar things regarding always wearing scarves, boots, hats and a long coat. 

Freshman Lauren Williams said to bring snacks with you wherever you go. She said that you may be too cold to leave to walk to a dining center.

Graduate student Rebecca Creager, from Chicago, even said to keep ‘Chapstick’ on you wherever you go. She also advised drivers to warm up their car before driving it. 

“You need to start your car before you leave. Your car will not run right if you don’t,” Creager said. 

Sophomore Daniel Seguin, from Macomb, Mich, advised students to not stay in their dorm room during the winter. 

“Even though it gets darker, that doesn’t mean you have to stay in your room all day. It’s good to stay active without the sun,” Seguin said. 

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