Photo by Tommy Anderson

On Friday, Nov. 30, students attending class at Floyd Hall at Western Michigan University’s engineering campus were evacuated from the premises at approximately 3:25 pm. According to adjunct faculty Jay Shoemaker, the source of the smoke was located in the lab reserved for plastics engineering.

“It was a small plastics welding snafu, the situation was taken care of and no one was injured,” Shoemaker said. “No harm, no foul.”

Students and faculty were re-allowed back into the building at approximately 4:00 pm, the entire situation lasting approximately 35 minutes. First responders, including firefighters and police officers remained on site some time after the event as classes resumed as normal.

Some students complained about the incident interrupting their classes.

“I was literally right about to give a presentation in my Plant Design class,” Richie Waite Jr, a WMU senior said. “I just wanted to get back and get it over with.”

Other students were happy to have an afternoon break.

“It was like having recess all over again,” Evan Ericsson, also a WMU senior, said.

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