Western Michigan University Board of Trustees

Western Michigan University Board of Trustees.

WMU’s Board of Trustees sent an email to the community June 25, affirming their commitment to a safe, unbiased and welcoming learning environment.

“Our country is in the midst of a painful and long overdue examination of our history of injustices and inequities,” the email read. “These painful realities have deep roots. It will take thoughtful deliberation and cooperative discernment to understand and address these biases.”

The email said that the Board of Trustees value and support all members of the WMU community. 

“We stand in solidarity as we strive to empathize with the pain experienced in the Black community,” the email said. “Witnessing that pain gives us even greater resolve to ensure that we establish equity where it has not previously existed and strengthen our University’s recognition, compassion and support for all of humanity.” 

The email mentioned that they acknowledge they must continuously work to identify and address areas for improvement. 

“We embrace President Montgomery’s leadership in setting our campus on a course to ensure that Western is a safe, unbiased and welcoming learning environment,” the email read.

The Board said they are committed to making the changes necessary to demonstrate commitment and to ensure that the university values shape these decisions.

“We all can and must do better, the email read. “We admit that we have made mistakes in the past and may make mistakes in the future. But that should not deter us from endeavoring to take the appropriate actions to make our campus one that is inclusive, respectful and embracing to all.”

The email mentioned that higher education offers an abundance of potential to address inequities in society. 

“Now is the time to operationalize that potential, and at Western Michigan University we have the shared resolve, talent and commitment to meet these challenges,” the email read. “Failure to do so is not an option.”

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