Sindecuse Health Center

Sindecuse Health Center and the Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services is collecting the names of faculty, staff and students who are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine in Phase 1A according to an email from the health center.

The email said that Western Michigan University has identified people who may meet the phase 1A criteria which involves healthcare workers as well as long term care residents and staff. 

The email urges anyone that gets a message with a certain subject line to open it and follow the instructions regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or not. All personal health information that is collected during the verification process will be kept confidential within Sindecuse.

If you receive a message from Sindecuse Health Center with the subject line “Important Patient Survey,” please complete the survey by Monday (Jan. 11) at 5 p.m.,” The email said. “You are encouraged to complete the survey regardless of whether you plan to be vaccinated, have been vaccinated or do not plan to be vaccinated. This step must be completed before an individual’s name can be advanced to the health department.

Anyone eligible for the vaccine will receive the survey within the next 24 hours however the health center is warning not everyone who receives the survey will be eligible.

 “The purpose of the survey is to verify eligibility in a secure environment. Please do not call Sindecuse regarding your potential 1A eligibility,” the email said. “Our staff is focused on testing and providing our high standard of care for patients. I appreciate your understanding and teamwork.”

According to the email the groups eligible in phase 1A include:

  • Adult foster care centers.

  • Assisted-living and long-term care facilities.

  • Emergency departments.

  • Emergency medical services, including medical first responders.

  • General medical floor.

  • Home health care workers caring for high-risk clients with large patient loads (e.g., people with a tracheostomy or ventilator at home).

  • Homes for aged.

  • Intensive care units.

  • Psychiatric hospitals.

  • Skilled nursing facilities.

  • Those with direct patient contact who conduct high-risk procedures (e.g., dentistry, endoscopy or dialysis).

  • Those who have direct patient contact, including outpatient, urgent care, ambulatory care and home health care.

  • Those who have indirect patient contact with specialized skills critical to health care system functioning (e.g., hospital and public health laboratories and pharmacies).

The email said that the health center plans to make the survey available to the entire WMU community once eligibility expands in Michigan.

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