Western Student Association

Members of the Western Student Association meet on Sept. 19.


Five new associate justices were confirmed for the Western Student Association (WSA) Judicial Council during the Sept. 19 meeting.

The new justices, Margaret Bannon, Victor Perez, Erynn McKoy, Rebecca Natale and Dzim Choudhary make up five of the six associate seats on this term’s Judicial Council. The sixth seat is still open, and a candidate is expected to be brought before the senate for confirmation at the next meeting on Sept. 26.

The senate also passed the Resolution to Create a Bicycle Resource Hub. The sustainability resolution would ensure the creation of an easily accessible hub for students to learn about bike repair, maintenance and to purchase discounted parts. The goal is to encourage bicycle usage on campus.

For Jenna Otten, the sustainability chair, passing the resolution was a personal victory.  

“For me, passing these resolutions is very important when it comes to legacy. So I think that I and the students in that room are leaving a legacy for future students,” Otten said.

The passing of the resolution sends a message that the WMU student body prioritizes sustainability, Otten said.

“It’s communicating to the staff at this University and the administration at this University that this is something that we really value and that our biking community is important to us,” Otten said. “I love that students are standing up for that and saying that that’s important to us and I think that will be heard on the other side.”

Otten also announced that bike rentals will return for students in October. While prices are as of yet unannounced, the Office of Sustainability’s BroncoBikes web page reveals that historically rentals have cost $75 a semester. Students interested in renting a bike need only email the Office for Sustainability for details.

The Community Engagement Committee took to the floor to discuss the Carnegie Foundation’s Community Engagement Classification. The Classification is a metric for community engagement that the Carnegie Foundation uses to measure the engagement levels of institutions.

WMU is one of only 361 institutions to receive the classification. The committee stated their goal of maintaining that classification into the future, and invited Executive Assistant Margaret von Steinen to discuss the importance of community engagement.

“If you’re a public university you shouldn’t just be focused here [on campus], but also in the community you’re based in,” von Steinen said. As an example of community engagement, she announced that the WeVote initiative has completed about 900 voter registrations.

Additionally, four new senators were also admitted unanimously by the current voting body.

The next WSA meeting will be held at 4 p.m. on Sept. 26, and the following meeting on Oct. 3 will be catered to serve as a senator recruitment drive.

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