As winter break comes to a close, students will be returning to campus this weekend. With classes starting next Monday, there are some dates that are important dates to keep in mind as the spring semester progresses.

Jan. 2 – Tuition and fees due

According to the university’s academic calendar, tuition and fees for the spring 2020 semester are due on Jan. 2. Students should have received emails regarding their payment status throughout December. Payment status can be checked via GoWMU.

Jan. 9 – Classes begin

Classes for the spring 2020 semester will begin meeting on Monday, Jan. 6. For those who like to get their textbooks before the first class, Textbook Alley and the campus bookstore both resume normal operations this Thursday, Jan. 2.

Jan. 13 – Registration closes, last day for full refund

Students will be able to add and drop classes freely until Jan. 13. Students who drop classes before or on this day will be eligible for a full refund. Starting on Jan. 14, students will be charged a $100 late fee for adding classed and those who drop a class will see it marked as a “W” (Withdrawal) on their transcript.

Jan. 16 - Last day for 90% refund

Jan. 16 marks the last day for those who completely withdrawal from classes at WMU to receive a 90% refund.

Feb. 1 – Graduation application deadline

Feb. 1 is the last day that students to apply to graduate in summer or fall 2020. Students eligible are advised to meet with their advisors in January.

Feb 3. – 50% refund for complete withdrawals

Students who choose to completely withdrawal from classes at WMU have until Feb. 3 to receive a 50% refund. Students will then have until Feb. 28 to receive a 25% refund on complete withdrawals.

Feb. 21 – 50% refund for partial withdrawals

Students have until Feb. 21 to receive a 50% refund for withdrawing from a portion of their course load. Withdrawals will end in their entirety on March 16.

Feb. 24 – Midterm grades

Midterm grades are expected to be available for viewing by Feb. 24. This gives students five days to discuss their grades, should they wish, before spring break begins on Feb. 29

Feb. 28 – Spirit Day

Classes do not meet on Feb. 28 with the day serving as an unofficial start to spring break. University offices will be operating under normal hours.

April 20 – Final exams begin

Final exam week will run from April 20 to April 23. The semester will end on April 25 with commencement. Make-up exams, if needed due to cancellation, will be held on April 24.

April 28 – Final grades

Final grades are set to be in by noon on April 28 barring extreme circumstances as seen last year when university-wide network failure led to delays and frustrations on the last day of the semester.

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