Gold WMU Grab'n Go carabiner

A gold Grab'n Go carabiner is provided to students when they want to participate in the reusable container program.

A reusable container program is now available for students at WMU’s Grab’n Go dining locations to cut down on waste.

Nutrition Specialist Emily Hazel said it is simple and safe to reduce one’s reliance on disposables at the Grab’n Go locations.

“Just let a cashier at a Grab’n Go location know that you want to participate in the reusable container program,” Hazel said. “The cashier will swipe your Bronco Card, and then provide you with a gold WMU Grab'n Go carabiner.”

Students then provide their carabiner at the food line. Instead of a disposable container, the dining employees will fill a clean reusable one. When the student is finished with their meal, they may return their empty container to either dining center or Grab’n Go location to receive a new carabiner. 

“Then the process repeats,” Hazel said. “View this program as an exchange.”

According to Hazel, the carabiner and container exchange system reduces the contact and shared touch points between students and dining employees. All materials are properly sanitized as well.

“The same Health Department approved cleaning and sanitizing protocols are used on the reusable containers as dining dishware and utensils in the dining centers,” Hazel said. “The carabiners are sanitized prior to handing out using an EPA certified sanitizer.”

Opting into this program is free for students with a current meal plan. Anyone without a meal plan can still participate with a $5 fee. 

Sustainability has suffered during the pandemic, but Dining Services hopes to partially remedy this with this program.

“Dining Services hopes that students lean into WMU's sustainability focus and help keep our campus beautiful by reducing the amount of trash created by alternative dining options.”

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