Western Michigan University Board of Trustees

Western Michigan University Board of Trustees.

The Western Michigan University Board of Trustees approved a proposal on Wednesday that would increase the rates for student apartments for 2020-21, while disclosing the rates for the new on-campus student apartments, Arcadia Flats. 

The board also approved a new strategy that would make grad students pay the same tuition they paid at the start of their schooling, no matter how long they have been in the state. 

The motion that passed unanimously will increase on campus apartments anywhere from 1% to 4.5%. The largest increase changes a one bedroom unit at Western View from $791 to $817 in 2020-21.  

With the increases to Western View, without renovations or updates, students left Wednesday's board meeting wondering what justified the increase.

“I don't see what's getting better about Western View to continue to up the prices,” junior Kayla Anderson, a Western View resident who was present at the meeting, said.

The university proposal states students living at Western View and the WMU Apartments "benefit from the convenience of on campus living, including easy access to classes, events, and services."

Most proximate to WMU's south campus is the Arcadia Flats apartments, which sits across from the new welcome center and 'mixed use village' student center; both of which are within short walking-distance of University Arena and WMU's student recreation center.

“Serving as the inaugural building for the Hilltop Village, Arcadia Flats is setting the stage for the transformation of this area of campus,” vice president of student affairs, Diane Anderson said. 

The Arcadia Flats apartments will range in prices, from $585 per month for a two bedroom four person flat, to $1,200 per month for a loft style apartment. These apartments can also be used by professors visiting the campus. 

Click here for a full list of rate changes and Arcadia Flats rates.

During the meeting, the board also approved a motion that would maintain the same rate for out-of-state grad students no matter how long they have been in school. This new rule changes a previous provision that would allow students to claim residency in Michigan to get a cheaper tuition. 

Current students would be grandfathered into the old rule, having tuition based on residency currently. Board of Trustees treasurer, Jan Van Der Kley, made it known these new out-of-state rule changes will not affect undergrad students.  

“We are not modifying the undergrad policy, there is no impact at all on undergrad students,” board of trustees treasurer, Jan Van Der Kley said. 

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