Everywhere you go on campus, it’s easy to notice that WMU is undergoing some serious renovations. 

Two main projects are currently underway, that being a new student center said to open in Fall 2021 and new state of the art student apartments, Arcadia Flats, said to open fall 2020.

 WMU has published many plans on their plans to expand campus in the upcoming years, and students have had a lot to say about the renovations.

“I’m mostly excited to see the new student center, I feel like that will be a cool place to hangout,” said Alyssa Blangin, WMU sophomore. “I’m really happy I’ll get to enjoy it for a while at least.”

Other students shared Blangin's excitement.

“I think it’s really exciting, it seems like it’s needed, especially for all the RSO’s to get some more space, I think it will add a lot to campus,” said senior Jill Runkle. “It bums me out though, I would like to see how it all turns out but it is what it is.”

While the new construction is with good reason, some upperclassmen expressed frustration that they will not be around to see the fruits of the construction. 

“I'm excited for it but I also think its sad that I have to hear the construction but I won't actually be able to be around to enjoy it, I guess when I come and visit I’ll get to check it out,” said junior Lee Ramsey.

Students who live in the Burnhams are perhaps the most directly affected by the construction, the bulk of it happening right outside their door. The construction team has a strict rule that they can not start work until 7a.m. to not wake up the students. 

“It’s affected other people and I hear bout it but honestly it hasn’t affected me in any way, I’m a heavy sleeper,” said Ramsey

Many students have voiced that while the construction outside the Burnhams isn't the prettiest thing to look at yet and can get pretty loud, logistically it doesn't affect living there very much. Bus rides have been altered outside the Burnhams and a few other stops to accommodate construction and now have students being picked up in alternate locations.

Students who drive to campus everyday have voiced some frustration about the construction, since the university has closed off certain streets as well as close certain parking lots, so it has made it a challenge for some students to find parking.

“It was a lot more difficult,” said Runkle. ”I've had a lot more trouble finding spots.” 

While students have their concerns, most say they are okay with it because of the things that will come.


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