An empty classroom in WMU's Sangren Hall

An empty classroom in WMU's Sangren Hall leaves chairs pushed in neatly, patiently waiting for in-person instruction to begin again. 

Western Michigan University added a COVID-19 impact statement on all students’ transcripts for the fall semester. However, students desired to have the credit/no credit option made available to them.

Several petitions were made asking WMU to reconsider their decision of not offering a credit/credit option for the fall semester. 

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Jennifer Bott said the decision to not offer the credit/no credit option was based on the current situation.

 “No one began the spring term prepared to suddenly switch to distance education due to a spreading coronavirus outbreak,” Bott said. “And with the transition occurring mid-semester, instructors and students alike had little time to plan. The credit/no credit deadline extension was adopted to relieve the hardship in that specific circumstance.”

When it came to fall semester, Bott said having a plan to switch between different learning methods was one of the reasons why the option was not offered. Bott also pointed out that using the credit/no credit option would not work for everyone.

“The integrity of WMU's grading system is something we take very seriously,” Bott said. “There are limited circumstances in which credit/no credit can be used successfully, as it carries weighty implications for financial aid/scholarships, graduate school application, progress toward degree and a student's ability to take courses in their prescribed sequence (i.e., pre-requisites).”

Junior Alex Lawrence disagrees with the university’s response.

“The university once again has ignored its students and it's very disappointing. They ignored a petition that over 3500 students have signed,” Lawrence said. When is the university going to start protecting its students’ education?”

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I think this was a nice decision from the faculty and the staff of this university. this coronavirus has been too harmful to students to study properly. Now Every student should visit to manage his pending tasks. This was a nice initiative to make this semester revisable. I hope this will be the best and would be beneficial for students.

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