CVS Pharmacy on W Michigan Ave.

CVS Pharmacy on W Michigan Ave.

CVS Pharmacy will now be accepting walk-in and same-day appointments, nationwide, for the COVID-19 vaccine as of May 5.

“We continue to orchestrate an all-out effort to vaccinate the nation against COVID-19,” said Karen S. Lynch, CEO and health president of CVS, in a press release.  

The vaccines are available at about 300 locations across the state of Michigan. No appointment is necessary as vaccines are ready to be administered. Same-day appointments can be scheduled at within an hour of the appointment time.

The announcement comes after President Biden’s accelerated 100-day goal of having 200 million COVID-19 vaccines administered. Biden has ordered for all pharmacies that participate in the Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program and the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program to allow walk-in appointments to achieve this goal.

“(CVS) have administered over 17 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to date,” Lynch said. 

Same-day and walk-in vaccination appointments will be available in more than 8,300 stores across 49 states, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. 

“Our customers continue to give us high satisfaction scores based on their interactions with colleagues and our customer-centric digital approach for scheduling appointments,” Lynch said.

CVS has also updated their online scheduler to reflect and update any same-day cancellations, which will allow more availability for same-day appointments and walk-ins. 

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