Sindecuse Health Center

Sindecuse Health Center

WMU is raising awareness of the importance of emotional health by observing Mental Health Week, according to an email sent to the community from WMU COVID-19 Information.

“In the busyness of life, it's easy to minimize your emotional health,” the email reads. “Resist that temptation. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are all necessarily focused on our physical well-being and alert for COVID-19 symptoms. But health is not one-dimensional. At WMU, we view your well-being holistically and understand that attentiveness to emotional health is critically important.”

Mental health week begins Monday, Oct. 19 and ends Friday, Oct. 23. This week will feature virtual and in-person events, including a mental health awareness hike, a chance to interact with therapy dogs and a "You Matter" challenge. The full schedule of events can be found here.

The email said that it was also encouraged that students take advantage of the mental health services on campus as needed.

Sindecuse Health Center primary care and psychiatric services can address a variety of concerns, the email said. Call (269) 387-3287 or visit to access the patient portal for telehealth or in-person appointment scheduling.

Sindecuse also offers counseling services To learn more, call (269) 387-1850 or visit

Other services include:

  • WellTrack, a therapy app that helps you monitor your emotions, identify stressors and learn strategies to manage depression, anxiety and stress.

  • Weekly Webinars, a service intended for students who want to learn about caring for their own well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Let’s Talk, a window from 1 to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday where students can connect and have drop-in, virtual conversations with a counselor.

  • Crisis appointments, available Monday through Friday by calling (269) 387-1850.

The email also mentioned that the Student Recreation Center offers a variety of opportunities to engage in physical activity, both through virtual means and in-person. 

Students can also seek assistance or refer another student anonymously using a student concern form. Faculty members can also use this to report students for not attending classes and other academic concerns.

“Make your holistic well-being a priority, Broncos,” the email reads. “We do, and we're here to help.”

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