Women's March

A Women’s March rally is being held in Bronson Park Saturday, Oct. 17 to honor U-S Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last month. This rally is to also protest against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court justice nominee, Amy Coney Barrett.

“It’s about honoring RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) and it's also in light of what Trump and his administration is trying to do and rush through a very conservative Supreme Court justice so it’s to inform,” Organizer Jo Morgan said.

Many Women’s March rallies are taking place around the country this weekend with the same motivation.

The event will also feature a number of speakers and non-profits. People can also register to vote at the event.

Dr. Katie Cook is a former law professor who will be one of the speakers at the event. She will be talking about how people can use Ruth Bader-Ginsburg’s work to make changes in the future. She hopes people who attend the rally will leave with a positive impact.

“We want them to leave with inspiration, we want them to leave with a sense of strength,” Cook said. “We think that part of what they can get from thinking about what’s gone on is that we can all be part of improving the world and I think that in difficult times in lots of ways that’s a good thing to inspire people with.”

Women’s March held a rally in Kalamazoo in 2018 and in the beginning of 2020. Morgan said it’s a great place to hold a rally.

“Kalamazoo has always been a very progressive city,” Morgan said. “It is a great place to organize because Kalamazoo offers Western Michigan University, it offers the civic it’s so wide, it’s a university town so we have a lot of diversity here.”

Women’s March began the day after Trump’s inauguration, but this is not the only type of protest that has occurred since Trump took office, Morgan said.

“Without a doubt there has been a lot more violence in our streets,” Morgan said. “There’s a lot more discourse, there’s a lot more distrust, there’s a lot more hatred so yes everything has changed under Trump.

It is asked that everyone attending the Women’s March wears a mask and practices social distancing. 

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