Hydrant flush to cause discolored water on Sunday

Hydrant flush to cause discolored water on Sunday

Western Michigan University will be flushing the fire hydrants on campus on Sunday, Sept. 15.

The university advised residents that tap water on campus may appear discolored during  and immediately following the flushing but stated that the water is otherwise safe to drink.

The university also suggested that residents wait to wash while laundry until the water returns to a normal color.

The full text of a flyer posted in the Burnhams announcing the flushing reads:

Western will be conducting a flush of the fire hydrants found across campus on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019. 

This will result in the tap water being discolored. This water is safe to consume, but it is nonetheless advised you wait to wash white laundry until the water has returned to its normal color.

The process of flushing fire hydrants helps to maintain water quality by clearing minerals as well as ensure adequate flow throughout the  water system.

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