Due to distance learning a deserted

Due to distance learning a deserted WMU campus leaves Knauss, Wood, and Sangren Halls, The Chemistry Building, and Waldo Library out in the cold on March 16. 

Five grants have been awarded by Western Michigan University’s Office of Research and Innovation for COVID-19 research. The projects cover different fields of study, from religion to education and language support. 

The research projects are factors motivating shelter-in-place orders, the development of low-cost respiratory monitoring device, pandemic response and religion, the future of higher learning and support for English learners.

"Our guiding principle was to advance excellence in the pursuit of knowledge and ideas to help tackle COVID-19-related issues," says Dr. Terri Goss Kinzy, vice president for research and innovation. "We think it's going to be a major contribution from Western Michigan University to the nation's response."

The grants total $31,620 and are funded by the Meader Presidential Endowment, which is designed to promote excellence at WMU. The winners were decided by an Office of Research and Innovation Committee. There were 35 proposals submitted by the WMU community.

“They leveraged a unique expertise of WMU and were different than what many other universities are doing in this crisis,"Goss Kinzy said. "We appreciated those that specifically engaged students in the work. We also looked for those that had a strong research plan."

Students and faculty members that did not receive grants are encouraged to explore other internal programs and external funding opportunities. Information on those opportunities is available on the Office of Research and Innovation's COVID-19 webpage.

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