President Montgomery addresses students ahead of house crawl

On March 13, President Montgomery sent an email warning students against 'engaging in reckless behavior and contravening mandated governmental orders.'

President Edward Montgomery addressed the house crawl planned for Saturday, March 14 in an email sent the day before to students and staff. 

“Today we were made aware of planned weekend activities that could also pose a threat to the well-being of students, should they decide to take part in them,” the email read.

The university advises students who plan to participate in any house crawls this weekend to reconsider their plans. The anticipated crowd would be against the practices of “social-distancing” recommended to slow the spread of coronavirus. 

“Such gatherings could expose participants, as well as public safety and first responders, to increased health risks and are contrary to all of the recommendations of public health officials,” the email read.

Montgomery also informed students that the gathering would be in violation of an executive order issued by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer prohibiting the assembly of 250 people or more.

“We stand with our city and our state government in promoting public safety, security and health,” the email read. “We urge our students and community members to reconsider their participation in such activities.”

The email reminds students that the WMU Student Code of Conduct and state law carry severe penalties for disruptive behavior leading to property damage. In years past, house crawl has brought property damage including flipped cars.

“It is fine to celebrate the season, but let’s all engage in behavior that supports and maintains the safety and health of our community,” the email read. “That’s what Broncos do.”


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