Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall (2017)

The 2019 Bronco Brewfest, an event that brings together WMU alumni, community members and breweries, has been scheduled for Friday, August 9 at 6 p.m.

The first Bronco Brewfest was held in 2017. The event served to highlight the importance of breweries to the Kalamazoo community, bring alumni together and raise money for WMU's sustainable brewing program. Unlike the 2017 Brewfest, the proceeds of this year's event will not be directed to any specific program within the university.

"We don't have a specific entity that's receiving contributions from the event this year, but we always still try to shine light on our sustainable brewing program and let people know about that program," said Chris Praedel, the director of events for the university's Office of Development and Alumni Relations.

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations is in charge of the university's fundraising efforts as well as fostering connections between alumni. In January, Vice President Kristen DeVries mentioned a tour of alumni-affiliated breweries planned for November of this year as one of the many ways that the university fosters these connections and engages potential donors. As an event, Bronco Brewfest serves a similar purpose.

"[This year] what we're very proud of is that all of the participating breweries are alumni owned or have a major alumni tie like a brew master or something along those lines," Praedel said.

Praedel also said that the event is primarily designed with alumni and potential donors in mind. Owing to the nature of the event, attendants must be at least 21 years old.

As in previous years, the event will be held on on Heritage Hall's Grand Lawn and those in attendance will receive a sampling glass, bottle opener and 10 samples. Appetizers will also be provided at the event. Admission currently costs $35, but the price will increase to $45 on Aug. 1. Designated drivers will be admitted for $23.

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