Staci Perryman-Clark, Associate Dean of the Lee Honors College: Staci Perryman Clark said she was at home when she watched bits and pieces of the hearing, and that she was “appalled.”

“I know many sexual abuse survivors, and I know many who have not reported because of this very reason of not being believed. I have first-hand experience and I know people who do.”

Matthew Sylvester, senior: Matthew Sylvester said he watched some of the hearing teaching his class of students at Kalamazoo Central High School, where he interns.

“In my classroom we watch CBS live streaming news and play music over it with subtitles. But, the students actually asked to turn off the music and have the news play with sound while they were doing their work. I unfortunately didn’t get to watch Kavanaugh’s testimony, but I think, we as a culture and we as a country, need to to get over this anxiety about believing people. That can go from any of these women who have been attacked, to millions of our neighbors in the Black Lives Matter movement. We have to believe these people.”

Savannah Gonsoulyn, recent alum: Savannah Gonsoulyn said she couldn’t watch the entire hearing.

“There’s a lot of triggering elements about the coverage. I tried to sit down and get through it last night at home. Two minutes in and I couldn’t do it, I tried. I’m in such a place where I’m torn between wanting to remain informed about what’s going on and wanting to take care of my own mental health. It can be so damaging, I haven’t been on Facebook at all today because I haven’t been able to see all the coverage on it. We just found out he passed through the senate, 11-10; I almost started crying.”

Mark Marcher, senior: Marcher said he was watching the hearing on his phone while sitting on his bed at home.

“I thought about the contrast of the testimonies. The defensiveness of Brett Kavanaugh was something that I noticed. Obviously, nothing has been proven but just his defensiveness of it doesn’t make me want to trust him or make me want him on the Supreme Court.”

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