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Residence life announced in an email to affected students that the Burnhams and Henry halls will be closed for the upcoming year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The opening of Arcadia Flats has also been moved to January 2021.

Residence Life said the decision was based on the safety of students.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us some very difficult and unprecedented challenges,” the email reads. 

According to the email, WMU has responded to the needs for new procedures that promote health and safety. That way they can ensure that the university can effectively operate at the highest level for students. 

“Social distancing requirements and related constraints brought on by COVID-19 have required us to temporarily forego the use of some facilities,” the email reads. “As a result, in considering the well-being of all residents, Housing and Residence Life has had to adjust various housing options available to students.”

The email goes on to express disappointment among students who were planning to live in the dorms and then provided options for the students.

The options include moving to another residence hall, Western View Apartments, or Arcadia Flats when it opens in January. There are only a few rooms available in Western View and they will open them to eligible students who were affected before they open them to the whole campus.

If students choose the Arcadia Flats option, they will be offered discounted rates on temporary housing in Davis and Zimmerman Halls, which were slated to close this year to prepare for construction.

Those that signed up for a single room will be able to request a single in the new hall, according to the email.

The Fine Arts Living Learning Community will be relocated to Harvey Hall. The Aviation Living Learning Community will be relocated to Ackley Hall.

If students choose to move to another residence hall, they can sign up for a room on the housing portal from June 15 at 10 a.m. to noon on July 10.

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