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The 2020 presidential election is Nov. 3 and with the COVID-19 pandemic, this election may seem confusing to first time voters. This is what WeVote at Western Michigan University recommends to students planning on voting this election.

WeVote is an organization that focuses on helping students get ready to vote for upcoming elections. Along with helping students register to vote, help increase voter turnout and make voting a lifelong habit for students.

Junior Alex Lawrence, from WMU’s WeVote, advised students to make a plan to vote, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Things are more tricky, so you really need to have a concrete voting plan,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence said voters should ask themselves where they want to register to vote and what method of voting they will use.

WeVote was also encouraging students to register to vote online. The deadline for this was Oct. 19. A satellite clerk's office has also opened in the Bernhard Center, providing students better access to register to vote. 

Students living on campus can vote on election day in the Bernhard Center if they are registered from their campus residence, Lawrence said. Students off campus may have a different precinct and should look for their location at

Those voting will also need a photo ID and a proof of residency. Students who live on-campus can use their housing portal, Lawrence said.

Lawrence also said that Kalamazoo is placing dropboxes around the city for Kalamazoo resident’s absentee ballots. 

Lawrence also mentioned that most of WeVote’s events and resources have been primarily virtual due to COVID-19. 

WeVote has mainly been using social media to promote voting educational events. Professors can also request members to come into their class to talk with students.

“WeVote is trying to change the culture of the university around voting,” Lawrence said. “Hopefully to progress more and get all of our students registered and all of them can vote in the election.”

Students who have questions on voting can go to, or can contact WMU WeVote at or on their Instagram.

“I encourage all Broncos so go out and vote,” Lawrence said. “Voting is an important thing and younger people, their voices should be heard.”

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