The Western Student Association is now accepting applications for the Student Sustainability grant, a $75,000 award open to any student attending Western Michigan University.

“It is a grant that students apply for to fund and progress sustainable efforts on campus and in the community,” Sustainability Chair, Mitchell Decker, said.

The grant can be used for research and activities that will be useful within the campus and throughout the community. Each idea must be proposed in a professional manner, including budgeting and qualifications.

Applying for the grant is getting back what a student at WMU has put in. This grant is owned, ran by and paid for by students. Students can apply for grants for  $1,000  and up, however, it has been rare the the sustainability office has seen grant applications more than the $10,000 range.

During the spring 2017 semester, there were four applications and in the fall 2016 semester there were seven applications. As of now, there are about three of four applications being processed.

“We’ve never actually given out the full amount of money for the grant and that’s something that we’re really striving to do this year—either this semester  or next—to use all $75,000of allocated money so we can make a larger impact on campus,” Mitchell said.

The application deadline for the Student Sustainability Grant Fall 2017 is Nov. 16 and for Spring 2018 it’s March 8, 2018 both at 11:59 pm. The applications are online at

The sustainability internship program, WeSustain, is also looking for students to apply. A student is eligible for this internship if they are a full time student at WMU and if their sustainability fee is paid. The program is looking to intern up to ten students. The paid internship lasts the entire semester.

According to the office for sustainability, these students will be expected to dedicate six to eight hours a week within the sustainability community, becoming involved in activities and discussions both on and off campus. The interns will also experience career-development and leadership, and develop skills to effectively sustain the environment.

Both, the WeSustain Internship Program and the Student Sustainability Grant, gives students at WMU a chance to incorporate their ideas, projects and initiatives to support sustainability on campus. The Office of Sustainability goal is to give back to the student body at Western with the sustainability internship, and grant that will give students access to make that difference in their lives and others on WMU’s campus.

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