Dems Statement

The Western Michigan University College Democrats reacted to the Capitol riot Jan. 6 where rioters breached Capitol security and broke into the offices of elected officials and the senate floor. 

The rioters carried “Trump 2020” flags, as well as a Confederate flag into the Capitol. Windows were smashed and police officers were assaulted. Five people were killed as a result of riots including two Capitol police officers, according to CNN.

College Democrats President Cole Hamilton told the Western Herald he called for the arrests of anyone involved.

This attack on our democracy was the direct result of allowing right-wing authoritarians in our government,” Hamilton said. “In order for any system to survive it must have the desire to preserve itself. To preserve American democracy, all major players complicit in this coup attempt must face federal prosecution and be put behind bars.”

In a separate statement released on the Dems social media pages, the organization condemned the riots and believed that there was a double standard when it came to how the police handled the riot.

“We denounce this behavior plain and simple” the statement read.” We also recognize that white privilege played a huge role in the police force’s way of handling this situation.We recognize that if it were not white supremacists there yesterday at our nation’s Capitol Buildings, the police would have handled it very differently, as we saw that they did during BLM protests.”

Hamilton also believed President Donald Trump played a role in inciting the riot by telling his supporters to march to the Capitol. Trump also told the rioters “we love you” and that they are “very special” in a video he posted to his Twitter account.

“We, the WMU College Democrats do not stand for this by any means,” the statement read. “We denounce this foolish act put on by our current President.”

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