Kandace Nickelberry, freshman, political science

“I would say that there should indeed be action taken to end gun violence. I think that in this day and age we do need guns, but they need to be better monitored and there needs to be more safety. It needs to be harder to acquire guns.  I think that peaceful protests are a way to get that word out, it’s time for people to face facts. Guns don’t automatically equal crime, but if someone who has the thought of a criminal act has access to a gun, then that gives them courage to go commit that crime a lot easier. Gun safety is what we need, not necessarily a ban.”

Brian Schoonover, senior, computer engineering

“The march is a good thing. If anyone can just grab an AR and take it home on the day they bought it, that’s just stupid. It’s like not having a driver’s test for driving a car. If there were actual tests and evaluations, that would be one step and then requiring people to take a class and lock them up in a gun safe when not in use.”

Jesse Clements, freshman, aviation

“I think the march is an open outrage that is emotionally driven about a topic that most people don’t truly understand.”

Michael Collins, freshman, integrated supply management

“I think there are just too many marches nowadays. I don’t think they’re really sending a point anymore just because of how often there are marches. If you really want to make a difference, try to do more with legislation because that’s how differences are made.”

Ryanna Burkeen, freshman, computer information systems

“I think it is a march for a good cause and I plan on participating in it because I think the government needs to take us seriously and understand that gun control is an issue and wouldn’t be an issue if we didn’t have all of these mass shootings. So obviously there’s something going on there, and if they want to play dumb, at least we can march about it to show them that we care about the issue.”

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