New “express checkout” method for students leaving WMU residence halls amid closures

Ackley Hall is nearly empty as many students have already gone home. Those who left belongings behind will be able to retrieve them early next week.

WMU announced earlier this morning that all residence halls will be closing on Tuesday, March 24 amid COVID-19 concerns. Most students will need to check out by Sunday, and WMU has released check out procedures to limit the potential for spreading COVID-19.

Students living in residence halls received an email asking when they plan to go home. Residents will then receive a second email detailing check out instructions.

On campus apartment residents, Seita scholars and international students will not be required to move home. Additionally, students will extenuating circumstances may appeal to stay on campus. Dining hall services will remain available to these students. 

Information regarding how this will affect student finances is expected in the next few days.

"WMU will provide financial consideration for those students affected by the early closing of the residence halls and dining. More details will be forthcoming in the coming days," the Office of the President said today in the release announcing the closure.

Michigan State University and Grand Valley State University have both offered refunds to students affected by early residence hall closures.

According to the email, students checking out will need to clean and empty their rooms as would normally happen. Items of particular import include wiping down all surfaces and cleaning bathrooms, if not communal, before departing.

On the day they are scheduled to check out, residents will find envelopes at the front desk. Residents have been instructed to place their key in the envelope then fill out and sign a label on the envelope. The envelope can then be dropped into the outgoing mail slot at the front desk.

Students who have already moved out completely will have the opportunity to mail in their key to check out.

The full text of the email describing check out procedures reads:

Please see the directions below to complete your check-out.  Please contact your hall office if you have any questions.

  • Remove all belongings from your room
  • Empty wardrobes/dressers/desks
  • Remove posters/pictures from walls
  • Remove tape/stickers from walls & furniture (* Western Heights – keep all hooks, strips, and tape on the walls)
  • Wipe down all surfaces
  • Clean bathrooms (if applicable)
  • Shut and lock windows
  • Remove decorations from door
  • Empty recycling bin
  • Take all trash to outside dumpster
  • If you have a microfridge, clean, defrost and leave in your room
  • Turn off lights
  • Lock door
  • Check mail in mailbox. Pick up packages from the office/desk.
  • Change your address in GoWMU  My Self Service >> View/update My Personal Information >> View/Update Addresses and Phones
  • Call all companies you receive mail from – mail forwarding takes a few days, and some mail like magazines are not forwarded
  • If you do not have your key(s), please write on the envelope “No key(s) returned.” You will be billed for the missing key(s)

When you are done,

  • put your key in the envelope
  • fill out and sign label
  • put envelope in the outgoing mail slot at the desk

Staff will check your room after you are gone. If there are any damages, photos will be taken and appropriate charges assessed. 

Thank you,

Residence Life

Correction: This story previously reported that the "express checkout" method was new. This is incorrect, the method has existed for some time but has now been extended to all students.

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