Wesley Foundation of Kalamazoo

Wesley Foundation of Kalamazoo embraces Broncos Kitchen's program and began serving students from their location.

Broncos Kitchen, a hunger-relief charity serving food-insecure Kalamazoo area college students, welcomed Western Michigan University graduate student, Andrew Messecar, as their student outreach coordinator, according to a press release from Broncos Kitchen.

This volunteer position will require Messecar to serve as a liaison between Broncos Kitchen and college students to enhance the program’s service delivery.

“We are honored and blessed to have Andrew on our team,” said Pastor William Stein, founder and president of Broncos Kitchen. “His ability to advocate on behalf of his peers demonstrates a strong commitment to fight hunger on Kalamazoo’s college campuses.”

Messecar grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan. He later began his studies at Kellogg Community College, where he received an award for Outstanding Achievement in Physics from the KCC Math and Science Department. 

He then transferred to WMU, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics with minors in both mathematics and philosophy. Messecar finished this course of study in April of 2018.

With the encouragement of one of his WMU professors, Messecar applied and was invited to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer, serving in Namibia. He and 54 other Americans were math and science teachers serving in Namibia’s public school system. In March, Messecar and his peers were evacuated from Namibia due to COVID-19. 

Shortly after returning to the U.S., Messecar re-enrolled at WMU to begin his graduate studies. He is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Engineering & Applied Sciences with the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.

“I was excited to accept Pastor Stein’s invitation to serve as Broncos Kitchen’s Student Outreach Coordinator,” Messecar said. “He has said that God placed me in his path for a reason, so I am willing to use my education and skills as a returned Peace Corps volunteer to help my peers combat hunger on campus.”

Broncos Kitchen is open to all college students with a valid ID. Meals are currently served from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays at their Wesley Foundation meal site. The address is 2350 Ring Road North, just west of WMU’s campus.

For more information regarding Broncos Kitchen, please visit their website at www.broncoskitchen.org

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