Draper/Sied Demolition

Draper/Sied has officially started to be torn down Wednesday, Jan. 13. This is a part of WMU's Hilltop Village construction.

Draper/Siedschlag (Draper/Sied) Hall, a residence hall at Western Michigan University, was torn down Wednesday, Jan. 13 to make way for WMU’s new Hilltop Village construction plan. 

As the walls came down, many alumni were reminded of pleasant memories they created in the building over its 70 year use. 

Draper/Sied served as the fine arts learning community dorm for many years. Alumnus Lauren Smith ‘20 who lived in the building in 2017 and 2018 was reminded of the music she always heard echoing through the halls. 

“I’ll forever miss hearing someone singing or playing an instrument at all hours of the day, and the friendships that were fostered over paintings in the basement,” Smith said. “Sied was the perfect way to start off my college career.”

Draper/Sied was also the birthplace of many lifelong friendships. Many said they still stay in touch with their roommates and friends they made in the building.

“I lived in Draper my first year at Western, 2011, as a freshman,” said Curtis Elswick ‘16, WMU alumnus. “I made my first friends in this dorm, and I made some friends I call family to this day. The fine arts dorm had the people, talent, and pool tables any freshman would need. Although many stories aren’t appropriate for the newspaper, I can confidently say I learned a lot staying in this dorm.”

Alumnus Lori Westgard’s ‘81 untraditional living arrangement created a “crazy experience she wouldn’t trade for anything.” Westgrad lived in Draper/Seid from 1977 to 1981.

“It was a crazy, but fun start to my college career,” Westgard said. “The other three years I had a single room on the first floor. It had a great view and an awesome breeze. I loved living in Siedschlag.”

Relationships also blossomed in the halls of Draper/Sied. Many alumni said they met their current spouse in the hall. WMU alumni David and Tracy Aguillon lived in Draper/Sied around ‘95 and ‘96. 

“My roomie and I were hall presidents when we were there,” said David Aguillon, ‘00 alumnus. “I met some great people. Sad to see it go. So many beautiful changes happening to the campus.”

Alumnus Maggie Trimmer credits Draper/Sied to introducing her to the love of her life. 

“I had my first kiss with the love of my life here, when I lived on the second floor and they lived on the third,” Timmer said. “Nine years later we feel pretty bittersweet about seeing it go. I’ll always cherish my two years in Draper/Sied.”

Though the building went through updates throughout the years, many felt a sense of nostalgia when they re-entered the halls. WMU alumnus Mary Grimm, who lived in Siedschlag from 1978 to 1981, helped her daughter move into the building in 2018.

“Exactly 40 years after I lived there, my youngest daughter moved into Sied,” Grimm said. “The elevators were a notable change and well welcomed for moving her in my older age.” 

She added: “They don't make things like they used to, whether friends or appliances.” 

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