Fall Welcome team member tests positive for COVID-19

The letter sent to members of the Fall Welcome team, sent to the Western Herald by a member of the team. WMU has since confirmed the letter's legitimacy. 

A Fall Welcome Ambassador tested positive for COVID-19, according to a letter that was sent to other ambassadors.

The student is currently being isolated and close contacts are being notified and quarantined, according to the letter. 

Individuals who were assessed as close contacts to the infected individual will be notified as well. Those that did not receive a notification from Sindecuse that are a close contact, there is nothing to suggest that they are at an elevated risk at this time, according to the letter.

“Nonetheless, we believe that acknowledging that a positive case has been identified, that we are isolating the patient, and quarantining close contacts is information that you may find helpful and that may quell rumors,” the letter reads.

The letter also provided a list of reminders to the ambassadors:

  • WMU has several strategies in place that are designed to limit COVID-19 exposure. They include protections like masking and social distancing, daily self-monitoring, barrier-free testing and sophisticated contact tracing. This communication is a protection in addition to those strategies. 

  • We are isolating COVID-19 infected individuals and placing all close contacts into quarantine.

  • Remember, all WMU students, faculty and staff should be doing their part in protecting the safety of the campus: wash your hands frequently, socially distance, wear a mask and self-monitor for symptoms. 

Those that are concerned are asked to contact the Office of Student Transitions director at adrienne.fraaza@wmich.edu. Appointments to be seen at Sindecuse may be booked on our website or by calling (269) 387-3284.

Editor’s Note: This is a developing story and details beyond this letter remain uncertain. Further coverage will follow as the details become clear.

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