WSA VP Taylor West announces presidential run

Taylor West and Jacobi Wright

Articles of Impeachment papers were filed against WSA president Taylor West, accusing her of not following proper procedures when filing cabinet positions.

Speaker of the House Ben Johnson filed the articles of impeachment claiming there were violations of the WSA constitution. Johnson said he wanted to give West a chance to acknowledge the alleged violations, but things have changed since the articles were filed.

“Since sending these articles, myself and the RBA (Rules, Bylaws and Administration) chair have been ousted from WSA, we were dismissed from this week's (Oct.7) cabinet meeting where they discussed the next step for these articles,” Johnson said at the Oct. 7 WSA meeting. “During this meeting the executive cabinet decided without myself or the RBA chair being present to defend ourselves to request resignations from us in retaliation.”

Johnson said that during the cabinet meeting other comments were made attacking his character, claiming that Office of Student Affairs Director and WSA advisor Chris Sligh suggested that the action taken was because West was a person of color.

Junior Alex Lawrence called for a recess to discuss the allegations against West and Vice President Jacobi Wright. After the recess Lawrence resigned as a WSA senator.

“I believe WSA isn’t the only place where I can make change on campus so that’s why I felt that I need to leave,” Lawrence said. “It hurts because I love the organization, I love the students at Western, I love helping my fellow Broncos being able to make change but the current administration is not allowing that to happen.”

Lawrence said he does not believe West should be impeached, but he does believe the WSA needs to reevaluate how it operates. 

“I think her and her administration need to seriously sit down and work things out,” Lawrence said. He added that he believes cabinet members are “walking on eggshells.” 

The Articles of Impeachment against West and Wright were later dropped because they were not filed in accordance with WSA procedures. However the articles can be filed again if the correct procedure is followed.

Ben Johnson was not available for comment beyond what was said publicly during the meeting. Chris Sligh was also not available. Taylor West declined to comment on the articles of impeachment.

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