WMU working to resolve campus wide internet issues

Western Michigan University has launched a new tool aimed at helping students thrive called You at WMU, according to a press release from the university.

The tool’s purpose is to help students with their mental and physical health as well as goal setting and staying connected.

"It's such a comprehensive approach that really focuses on the holistic student experience," says Dr. Diane Anderson, vice president of student affairs. "We think about college being an opportunity for students to find their purpose. When you find that career, that passion, that discipline that gets you excited, it makes a huge difference in your motivation in terms of how you focus your energy."

The program has three domains which each have a different purpose:

  • Succeed: Focused on academics and career success.

  • Thrive: Focused on physical and mental health.

  • Matter: Focused on identifying purpose and establishing community and social connections.

WMU is the only university using the platform which Anderson said she believed will help students.

"In this day and age, where there is so much anxiety and so much stress, to have a tool that is not only focused on career but also on making sure that you leave here whole and you understand how to keep yourself whole as you face life's adversities along the way, I think, is huge," Anderson said

YOU will link to WellTrack, which was launched in late September, and its goal is to have students, staff and faculty manage their own mental health. The YOU portal is 100% confidential.

"This intensified focus on well-being has been in the works for some time, inspired by the campus wide initiative that led to Rethink Smart and the understanding that many college students struggle with anxiety, depression and feelings of disempowerment," Anderson says. "We are committed to putting well-being front and center at Western."

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