Students on campus discuss their need for more on-campus parking

Parking Services

The price for a parking permit this fall will be changing from previous semesters. However, the price change only affects semester parking permits.

For fall semester, the price for a semester permit will be $150. Previously, the price for these parking passes was $180 for fall semester and $120 for spring semester. 

“The reason for the change is to improve the health and safety of our students by transitioning to a new system selling virtual permits,” WMU Police Department Captain Timothy Unangst said. “By going to an automated process, it eliminates the need to stand in line at Parking Services to obtain a physical permit. With this new system there is no longer a need for a physical permit to be attached to a windshield, so no more scraping old permits off windshields. Also, we will not be creating or replacing permits so the $25 transfer fees will be eliminated as well as the waste associated with old permits.”

The price for an annual parking pass will remain at $300. Prices for both summer semesters will remain unchanged at $65 as well as daily passes for $5 and weekly passes for $15.

The change to a new virtual parking system is also a plus for students according to Unangst. The benefits include, increased convenience, greater flexibility and improved sustainability, he said.

Many students will be traveling less to campus due to many classes being fully remote. This may have them wondering what pass would be best for them to purchase. Unangst said the answer will be different depending on a student’s situation.

Students who come to campus everyday would be better suited to purchase a yearly or semester pass, Unangst said. Students that come to campus one day a week would only pay $60 at most if they purchase a daily permit for each visit. Someone who comes to campus twice a week would also still pay less than a semester permit by purchasing daily permits. The most they would pay is $120.

Daily and weekly permits are available by going to the Parking Services web page and clicking on the Get A Permit tab and following the portal directions.

Students that are interested in purchasing specific days of the semester could go into the parking portal to purchase each day or call Parking Services and receive assistance from a clerk.

Parking permits will also not be required between 5 p.m. and 2 a.m. Monday through Thursday and from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday through Monday. This change was necessary for an open and accessible campus when the demand for parking goes down during these hours. 

Accessibility spaces such as 15- and 30-minute spaces and no parking zones will be enforced at times.

Chloe Miller contributed to this report.

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