As seen from WMU's Sprau Tower

WMU's campus as seen from WMU's Sprau Tower gives an elevated birds eye view to the rolling hills that make up the greater Kalamazoo area. Little 3 residence halls, Read Fieldhouse, and downtown Kalamazoo are all seen in this photo. 

WMU COVID-19 Information sent an email to the WMU community Oct. 7,  reminding students to remain vigilant following COVID-19 safety guidelines.

This came after the university affirmed that the safety policies would remain in effect following the recent Michigan Supreme Court decision to strike down Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency powers enforcing COVID-19-related safety mandates.

“But the effectiveness of our health and safety measures—consistently wearing a mask, social distancing, washing hands, staying home when ill, taking the daily health monitoring survey, displaying your badge when asked and getting tested for the virus at the earliest sign of symptoms—rests on everyone following these practices,” the email reads. “All of us must stay vigilant by adhering to all safety guidelines at all times.”

The email mentioned that the university has been seeing strong compliance across the campus community to these policies. However, there have also been instances in four residence halls where community members have not been compliant and experienced the consequences. 

When rules are violated, disciplinary sanctions are employed through the Student Code of Conduct, including suspension from the university. 

“At the earliest sign of any problem, consistent with our response throughout the pandemic, we will and are taking actions to eliminate the potential for exposure and spread,” the email reads.

The email also mentioned that furniture will be removed in common spaces in residence halls where there has been an increase in COVID-19 cases, as well as the locking of lounges.

The guest policy will also continue to be enforced for residents on campus. Students may have one visitor, but it must be a resident from their own hall or apartment, and visitors may not spend the night. 

When entering a residence hall, or anywhere else on campus, students should be ready to display the badge indicating they have taken the daily health survey.

Halls that have had an increase in coronavirus cases have received a separate message with information relevant to their buildings.

Anyone who may have been exposed to the virus has been contacted through our contact tracing protocols.

“Our COVID-19 measures have been established to foster a healthy campus environment so that we can continue to deliver a safe and high-quality on-campus experience,” the email reads. “But each of us must behave responsibly to ensure this occurs. Don't let your guard down.”

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