Arcadia Flats

A North East entrance to Arcadia Flats on Hilltop Village

Construction of a new parking structure, pedestrian walking route, new road and greenspace is slated to be added to WMU’s Main Campus.

A new parking structure will be built near Arcadia Flats, where the Burnhams residence halls previously stood. This structure will be Parksmart certified, a label indicating it will be a “high-performing, sustainable garage,” according to Parksmart’s website.

The structure will utilize LED lighting and have charging stations for electric cars, among other features to make it more environmentally sustainable. It will also use advanced technology to indicate to drivers when there are available parking spaces available before entering the garage.

Construction projects for Hilltop Village also include a pedestrian walkway that will go from the Student Recreation Center (SRC) to Dunbar Hall. This path will include a pedestrian bridge, similar to the one crossing Howard Road, to increase safety walking around campus.

With the implementation of this walkway, several roads surrounding Arcadia Flats will be eliminated: Hays Drive, Dormitory Road, Moore Drive and Shaw Lane will be removed, and Loop Road, spanning from the area near the SRC to Ring Road by Arcadia Flats, will be laid in their place.

A new greenspace will also be created behind Arcadia Flats to provide an outdoor recreation location for students, as well as to help with stormwater runoff.

Director of Planning at WMU Facilities Management David Dakin said these projects will help create a more modern view for WMU’s “front door.” These projects are located at the front of campus, which is visible to passersby on Stadium Drive.

Town halls were held, according to Dakin, to determine what projects would best serve the WMU community. In these town halls, students could share their input on what they would like to see added to campus.

“Many of the things the students said was certain sustainability, make things safer, easily maneuverable,” Dakin said. “So we took all those comments and incorporated them.”

More information about the Hilltop Village projects can be found online.

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