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The statue outside of WMU’s Chemistry Building dons a disposable mask.

Western Michigan University is urging students to take the vaccine phasing assessment and to resist unsafe practices in response to the B.1.17 variant found in Kalamazoo County, per an email from WMU COVID-19 Information. 

Nearly 5,000 people have taken the COVID-19 vaccine assessment in their Sindecuse Health Center portal, per the email. As health officials in the county vaccinate people, WMU will be helping in the effort.  

Western’s health center is assisting by forwarding for vaccination scheduling the names of current students, faculty, staff and University health plan retirees who have participated in the confidential phasing assessment,” the email said. 

WMU is urging everyone to complete the assessment as soon as possible by going to their patient portalBy completing the assessment, you are put on a list to be vaccinated through the Kalamazoo County Health Department based on the vaccine phase you are in.  

Michigan is currently in phase 1B which includes people 65 and older, frontline essential workers, teachers and corrections staff. 

Even with the vaccineWMU is still encouraging the community to continue practicing safe behaviors. Kalamazoo County currently has four cases of the COVID-19 variant, B.1.17. 

It's more important, not less, to wear a mask, practice physical distancing, maintain excellent hand hygiene, avoid crowds and get tested at Sindecuse at the earliest sign of COVID-19 symptoms,” the email reads. “And, if you’re coming to campus, take the daily health survey.” 

The email also reminded the community that despite some COVID-19 restrictions being loosened, regulations on gatherings and face masks in residential and non-residential settings remain in effect through Monday, March 29. 

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