Swastikas at Campus Court

Swastikas were graffitied onto a sidewalk outside of a Campus Court apartment on Oct. 13 and remained until Oct. 18. 

Around 3 a.m. on Oct. 13 some residents of the Campus Court at Knollwood apartments, 1701 Knollwood Ave, discovered Nazi swastikas spray painted on their sidewalk.

There were two symbols painted on the sidewalk outside of apartment T9, that were discovered by one of Campus Court’s residents, Cassidy Kerr, a resident of apartment T9.

According to the resident, the swastikas were painted using spray paint cans their roommate had left outside after some arts and crafts. The incident, however, was not reported by Campus Court’s management according to KDPS Lt. Scott Boling.

“The information provided to me was that the buildings’ management was not concerned about the incident and that is why they did not contact us,” Boling said. “I had an officer go out and talk to them. They located and immediately cleaned it up, and they did not want to file any reports or do any prosecution.”

According to Kerr, the swastikas were not fully removed until Oct. 18.

Campus Court has declined to comment on the incident. However, Mark Evans, a representative for Threshold/Carve, the public relations and marketing firm that represents Campus Court and the company that owns it, Asset Campus Housing, said multiple attempts were made at removing the graffiti before the decision was made to paint over the symbols to cover them completely, a process which took several days.

According to Evans the swastikas were just “an isolated incident of vandalism”, and to the best of their knowledge nothing like this has happened in the past.

“We chose not to report it because we do not necessarily report all cases of vandalism,” Evans said. “Particularly in cases like this in which no permanent property damage was done.”

Boling does encourage that incidents like this get reported to KDPS.

“We encourage the apartment complexes and students to contact us,” Boling said. “Just so we can look at preventing vandalism, and this vandalism has some, [obvious], additional concerns.”

According to Evans, the symbolism was taken very seriously.

“I want to assure you that we condemn in the strongest terms possible this type of hate,” Evans said. “That is why we had the symbol removed as quickly as possible. This was vandalism and a symbol of hate in its most repugnant form and does not in any way reflect the beliefs and values held by property staff or its management.”


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Just fyi, a right facing swastika is Hindu symbol for good. I'm not saying that's what was meant in this case -- people who vandalize aren't always the most informed -- but it's maybe something to look into.

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