WMU President Dr. Montgomery.

WMU President Dr. Montgomery.

WMU will be initiating a campus wide diversity climate study Oct. 5, according to an email from President Edward Montgomery to the WMU community.

“As part of Western Michigan University’s long-term strategic diversity plan, taking the pulse of our campus is key to learning where we may need to do more work to strengthen policies and initiatives related to diversity, equity and inclusion,” Montgomery said. “We are dedicated to providing a respectful, safe and welcoming University community, and understanding our campus’ climate is an important step toward ensuring our institution’s future success and that of all of our students and employees.”

The university contracted with an external vendor, Viewfinder Campus Climate Surveys, to help gather student’s thoughts about how WMU is doing and where they can make improvements. The firm is a leading consultant in helping colleges and universities build more supportive, open and diverse communities, according to the email.

Students should look for an invitation to participate in the survey from Viewfinder Campus Climate Surveys. The survey will be confidential and accessible to those who require accommodations. 

All students and employees are strongly encouraged to log on and complete the survey, which will be online through Oct. 30. 

Results from the survey will be used to identify strengths and opportunities related to diversity, equity and inclusion for administrators, faculty, staff and students.

“Every voice at Western Michigan University matters, and we want to hear yours,” Montgomery said. “If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Candy McCorkle, vice president for diversity and inclusion, at candy.s.mccorkle@wmich.edu. Thank you in advance for your participation.”

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