Acadia Flats

A North East entrance to Arcadia Flats. 

If you’re driving down Stadium Drive., you’ll see a stand out black building on Western Michigan University’s campus: Arcadia Flats.

The apartment complex is the newest addition to Western Michigan University’s Hilltop Village construction plan and officially opened to students last fall.

The flat rates per bed for Arcadia Flats are $1,200 for a loft, $950 for a studio, $800 for a two bedroom flat, $750 for a two bedroom studio and $585 for a two bedroom four person flat.

The opening was delayed during the summer due to COVID-19. With students finally having the chance to live in the long awaited apartments, some expressed disappointment with them. 

“I like the location, I like that everything is close by and I think it’s nicely built, but you really don't get as much as you pay for,” said WMU sophomore Muhammad Hussian.

Many students were drawn to live in Arcadia Flats because it is located near many academic buildings on campus. 

“I decided to live here purely based on location,” Sophomore Johny Bradsher said. “I really like the space and the building. The appliances are kind of bad which sucks because this building is supposed to be brand new.” 

Senior Makenna Galui, who lives in a two bedroom studio layout, said she believed the building is nice overall, but some of the layout choices are interesting.

“The kitchen is right next to your bed which is kind of weird,” Galui said. “It’s really up to date, really clean, and pretty but I don’t think it’s worth the price. I wouldn't pay the rent.”

Galui said the apartment was almost like an “upgraded dorm.” She said the apartment would be good for those who may not be ready to leave dorm life, but don’t want to have a full apartment to themselves.

More information on Arcadia Flats can be found at

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