Sangren Hall

Sangren Hall on WMU's campus.

Spring has finally arrived and Western Michigan University’s Facilities Management is prepared to bring that feeling to students on campus. 

Mark Frever, director of landscaping, said students can look for many colorful flowers and bright green grass that has recovered from the winter. Miller fountain will also be filled again in the beginning of April. 

“In regards of what students can be looking forward to for the spring, they will see a lot of flower bulbs come up and they will start to see all the grass regenerate,” said Frever, “It doesn't look like much currently but it won't be long until these will all be back.” 

Landscaping services will also move away from planting perennial flowers, ones that grow back each year, because they have been repeatedly eaten by deer around campus.

“We are actually moving back towards annual flowers for more colorful displays, and they won't get affected by the deer population,” Frever said. “So students will get to see some more annual, very colorful plants in the flower pots across campus.” 

Facilities management also plans on renovating old plants around campus and revamping the trees by Dunbar Hall. Frever said the trees in the amphitheatre behind Dunbar are around 35 years old. Landscaping is planning to cut the trees and replace them with new ones in the future.

“Our gardeners will always look to see if a plant is beyond its life cycle,” Frever said. “We will look to see if we can renovate it, and if not we will replace it.” 

New self watering planters, paid for by the Western Student Sustainability grant, were also recently added to the landscape on campus. Landscaping services added some around campus to test their efficiency.

“It reduces labor and reduces the chances of a plant dying from drying out,” Frever said. “They will be disbursed in the spring full of annual flowers.” 

Frever said the watering planters have worked well and they will add more to campus this year. They hope to replace more of the planters with the self waterers in the future. 

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