Sindecuse Health Center

Western Michigan University's Sindecuse Health Center has secured approval to be a COVID-19 vaccination site, per an email from WMU COVID-10 Information. The health center is currently awaiting their first shipment of the vaccine. 

When our shipment will arrive—which could be days from now or weeks away—the quantity available and the FDA-authorized vaccine we will receive are outside of our control, but we look forward to immunizing current students, employees and WMU health-plan retirees as soon as possible,” the email read. 

When the health center receives the COVID-19 vaccine, it must be processed in place to administer it based on the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services phasing strategy, per the email. 
We thank the Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services Department for working with us to schedule appointments for WMU community members to be vaccinated through the county's clinics over the past several months,” the email read. “With vaccines becoming available in more places, we're now moving into a period of transition. We're excited to begin vaccinating WMU community members on campus when our shipment of vaccines is here.”  

Sindecuse staff will be contacting some 5,000 current students, employees and health-plan retirees who responded to the COVID-19 Vaccination Phasing Assessment. The appeals form to indicate an interest in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine through WMU will be available through Friday, March 19.  
The speed of COVID-19 vaccine distribution at WMU will depend heavily on the rate of supply over a period of time. When Sindecuse receives its vaccine supply, starting with those who took the phasing assessment, will move through phases in the sequence delineated by the state 

Once those who completed the phasing assessment have been vaccinated, appointment times will open to other current students, employees and health-plan retirees as supply allows. Individuals in these categoriescurrent students, employees and health-plan retireeswill be prioritized before any other groups are vaccinated at Sindecuse. As supply increases, we anticipate opening eligibility to spouses and dependents of students and employees. 
Students and employees who took the phasing survey may have received a vaccine somewhere other than the county health department. For those would like to report receiving a vaccination elsewhere, send an email to to let them know you no longer need to be scheduled.  
We’re excited to serve the campus community as a vaccination site,” the email read. This is another hopeful step in the fight against COVID-19. Please continue to help curb the spread of the virus. Even after vaccination, wear your mask in public, maintain social distance and wash your hands frequently. 

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